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No not Parma Ohio, Parma Italia stupid.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

All you need is love

As learned from the this site Thursday means love Thursdays.

This blogger states:

"As you know, every Thursday, I try to share some of the best examples of love or loving-kindness that I've seen over the past week."

I know its boring, everyone gets all warm and fuzzy around the holidays but since my life has taken a 180 degree turnaround from last year I am so greatful and a total believer in working the karma. You see internet the biggest lesson I learned in 2006 was; yes good will come from hard work only if you deserve it and are ready for it.

Last year at this time, I was homeless with a six month old baby, out of work and still in a post-partum fog. I tried to celebrate the holidays but Z was still in a state of shock and completely inconsolable. As he would say, "yiddle by yiddle" I crawled out of my black hole of horror and got back to work started paying off some serious debt, gaining control of my life and started being a mom.

I did work a full year as a freelance project manager and ended up with a potentially great perm job starting the new year. Now I will have private health insurance, other yummy bennies, and will not have to financially suffer if I need time off to go to a dr's appt. or if Nageelah is sick. I was assured by my supervisor's supervisor, I will be working on the Samsung account and will be pretty mobile with vpn access etc. Hopefully this company is as "family friendly" as they claim to be.

I hold my breath as 2007 comes near hoping all my dreams and wishes come true.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tis the season?

So here I am at a place where I worked so hard to be: finishing a freelance job, getting ready for a permanent job and finally able to take a real vacation! But I have to admit I have a bit of Giftmas blues.

Since moving to Bushburg, money has been tight and although I know my income is much more than the average in my neighborhood I am still struggling to make ends meet. Z helps when he can but for obvious reasons I don't really ask him for help.

I just keep hoping that the new year will bring me and the family prosperity in various forms