a message from parma

No not Parma Ohio, Parma Italia stupid.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

here we go again....

OK so I am moving to the next new trendy area of Brooklyn oddly named Bushburg. Just a few stops away on the L train. Its a small but clean 2 br RR. Nageelah and I will be moving and Z will join us at his leisure. He is so fucked up he cannot decide what to think. He does not know if he wants us to stay or go. He can't seem to verbalize his feelings only act on them in stupid ways.

I think he is in a state of shock that I actually up and moved when he was freaking out a few weeks ago. The move will either do us some good for the relationship or it will end it. That is how I see it. Maybe we do need a break and I need to get back to who I was before I moved in with him and had an insta family.

The housewife of Z's dreams does not exist at least not with me that is.