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Sunday, January 29, 2006

child no care...

So I guess part of my rehabilitation process is accomplishing the impossible in my own life as opposed to whoever is paying my salary at the time is trying to find cheap decent child care. Because we all know I am currently getting a B or B minus in mommyhood.

According to Z, I can't make rice, don't have the urge to clean the apartment at all free moments ( I rather read), and I could potentially make our child crazy. I will admit to one bad thing that I do but I will never tell anyone what that is and no it does not endanger my daughter's life. I do constantly try to keep our child clean at all times now that I know most ear infections start during teething and as a result of milk or formula running into the ear canal. I am constantly checking all of my child's orafices for cleanliness. Now my major challenge is finding someone to watch Nageelah while I go to work.

While trying to find a day care center in the hood was my first challenge.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

telling it like it is....

While looking for a used high chair and play pen on Craigslist I found this ad:

Desperately Seeking Jewish Egg Donor
Reply to: sale-127385032@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-01-21, 11:20PM EST

I know this is a weird place to post an ad like this...but I'll try anything to find the woman with the smarts, spunk and strength to be the donor that will help me make the family of my dreams! And I thank you sooo much for even reading this ad, thinking about it, or finding out if a friend would be interested!

If you are Jewish, healthy, smart (attended or attending college), attractive, accomplished, full of life and even contemplating egg donation please contact me at 917.549.7037

btw- Jewish/Italian would be the total dream come true.

I've been trying to conceive for a long time and have hit an age where I must move to donor egg. I've had a few episodes of early pregnancy loss. The doctor I am working with is one of five in the country offering a unique egg and embryo freezing technique (proven to be more effective than the other experimental methods) and we will see to it that you will not only be compensated for your time and trouble now, but that you will be able to freeze half your eggs till you are 50 if you wish.

I look forward to hearing from you! And THANK YOU for even considering this.

this is in or around UWS

no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests



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Who knows maybe I can furnish my apartment and literally spread my seed...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

To the moon Alice!

So now that I am slowly waking from my maternity coma, breezed through post-partum whatever, here I am in my new life married to Ralph Kramden . What keeps me sane is my sense of humor and the new found confidence I discovered through my love for Z. I don't regret one moment I have had with my significant other.

Z and I are finally getting over the insta-family shock and are trying to create a balance between his way and my way. I admit I often differ to Z's method because after all its his house. I have learned when to suggest something and when to keep my mouth shut.

The most amazing thing about our relationship is that although we are polar opposites from a social standing we often come together on various issues. We both have our ways of problem solving and have finely tuned survival skills. Of course he would do better on a deserted island and I would sail through a foreign country.

But then we will have an episode that goes a bit like this: Its about 5:00 pm and Z walks through the door and sees me in the dark at the computer on the internet. Nageelah is asleep and I am typing away unresponsive to his comments.
"Where's dinner?"
"I'm starving, what did you do all day?"
I say, "cleaned, shopping, the kid"
Z starts complaining about work then opens the fridge hoping to find something to eat, pulls out a tub of hummus and declares, "What the hell is this?!"
I am right behind him and I say "hummus"
then in a louder more defined voice he cries impatiently, "What is this?"
and I calmly and knowingly say "hummus"
now completely frustrated and at his breaking point waving a 16 oz tub of hummus around Z screams "What is this?!"
Then as I see complete frustration consume the normaly calm composure on the face of my love, I realized he had no idea what hummus was and never knew even if he liked it or not!
With a loving smile I say, "its middle eastern hippie crap!"