a message from parma

No not Parma Ohio, Parma Italia stupid.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Now that I have a moment to contemplate my belly button. Here is what is going on now.
I am totally stuck between several worlds. And often I do my best not to think about it. But sometimes you become confronted with the craziness of your reality and realize its time to check in.

OK, so now I am not that swinging single career gal I used to be. Now I am a mommy and a significant other living in a hell hole out of a plastic box with a cat and a man formed from years of Ralph Kramdenness.

My first step back into the work world was pretty intense. I did realize that I was a bit rusty but took things in stride and did my best. That is all I could do while juggling other ridiculous things such as proper child rearing! But that job ended and now I am in the midst of a job search again.

I have more experience and confidence now so I the job hunt is a bit less threatening. But my nasty competive streak does make an appearance now and then since Z is also in between work so we keep bumping into each other causing friction.

As I dress up and pitch myself as the "new and improved" web producer/project manager, new mommy nyc gal, I pray this will all end soon. Aside from putting my resume online, making phone calls, going to interviews there is not much else to do but wait and see what comes next.