As a web producer or project manager I focus on the overall health of a project. My priorities are, in various order: to obtain an thorough understanding of the goal and integrity of the project, coordinate all resources needed to do the project, keep the sponsor or client satisfied and fully aware of all processes, compel and motivate the internal team to deliver on-time and within budget and most importantly I make it my duty to enable the entire team to do their jobs and understand their role within the project.

My passion for web development grows with every new team I work with. I love the challenge of taking any type of subject and create an environment in which to communicate.

I feel my strengths are communication and problem solving and I apply these skills to all types of web projects. Below are a few samples of the projects I have worked on as a producer or project manager.

mission: to build a microsite that will add value to the parent siteAfter Fleet Bank researched their target market, they decided to enhance the customer's online experience with major life event information.

College Planning was the first event that Fleet decided to offer.The project changed scope several times but the team I worked with delivered a well-planned and designed product.

mission: to build a site that would launch in conjunction with a new product deliveryGlaxo-Wellcome wanted to notify health professionals and patients on their latest asthma drug.

This project was in constant crisis mode as it occurred during the height of the Internet frenzy. Resources and time were scarce but the team I worked with delivered a beautiful and informative site fully approved by the FDA.

mission: to create a virtual headquarters for one of the first women in new media organizations

This is one of the best experiences I have had as a web producer. Out of necessity the local Boston chapter of Webgrrls International of which I was chapter leader built and launched two versions of the site.With the wonderful generosity of Allaire Corp. we had the opportunity to train and develop with the best tech support a software company could offer.

A team of 25 volunteers gathered on their own time and brainstormed and sweated until a site was born to handle chapter registration, event announcements, discussion groups, and career and technical advice.The support and generosity of a local ISP maintained our strong and pivotal web presence.